Copyright Law
Paul L.C. TORREMANS (Editor)
Londres. Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., 2009.
544 p.
978 1 84542 487 9
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Copyright law is undergoing rapid transformations to cope with the new international digital environment. This valuable research Handbook provides a thorough and contemporary tableau of current thinking in copyright law. It traces the changes undergone and the challenges faced by copyright, as well as its roots and its diversity, combining to present a colourful picture of a dynamic research area.


1. Originality in Copyright: A Solution to the Database Problem?
John Adams

2. Legal Issues Pertaining to the Restoration and Reconstitution of Manuscripts, Sheet Music, Paintings and Films for Marketing Purposes
Paul Torremans

3. A Canadian Copyright Narrative
Daniel Gervais

4. Can and Should Misappropriation Also Protect Databases? A Comparative Approach
Estelle Derclaye

5. Database Copyright: The story of BHB
Charlotte Waelde

6. ‘Une Chose Publique’? The Author’s Domain and the Public Domain in Early British, French and US Copyright Law
Jane Ginsburg

7. Draw Me a Public Domain
Valérie-Laure Benabou and Séverine Dusollier

8. Could Multimedia Works Be Protected as a Form of Audiovisual Works?
Irini Stamatoudi

9. Adequate Protection of Folklore – A Work in Progress
Silke von Lewinski

10. Regulating Competition by Way of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions
Thomas Dreier

11. Competition in the Field of Collective Management: Preferring ‘Creative Competition’ to Allocative Efficiency in European Copyright Law
Josef Drexl

12. Individual and Collective Management of Copyright in a Digital Environment
Marco Ricolfi

13. Copyright Law and Scientific Research
Reto Hilty

14. Copyright and Freedom of Expression in Sweden – Private Law in a Constitutional Context
Jan Rosén

15. On-line Teaching and Copyright: Any Hopes for an EU Harmonized Playground?
Raquel Xalabarder

16. Development of Law in Asia: Divergence versus Convergence. Copyright Piracy and the Prosecution of Copyright Offences and the Adjudication of IP Cases: Is There a Need for a Special IP Court in Malaysia?
Ida Madieha bt. Abdul Ghani Azmi

17. Alternative Dispute Resolution – A Remedy for Soothing Tensions between Technological Measures and Exceptions?
Brigitte Lindner

18. Qualitative Effects of Copyright Policies
Antoon Quaedvlieg

19. Questioning the Principles of Territoriality: The Determination of Territorial Mechanisms of Commercialisation
Paul Torremans

20. A Broadcasters’ Treaty?
Tom Rivers


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