• News From Around The World pp. 3-11.
  • Intellectual Property pp. 12-15.
  • Domain Name Briefs pp. 15-19.
  • Focus: FCC Divided FCC Adopts Revised Media Rule to Ease Existing 1975 Cross-Ownership Ban pp. 20-21.
  • FCC's Cable Ownership Cap Draws Industry, GOP Opposition pp. 21-21.
  • Minority Media Ownership Rules Draw Praise From MMTC, Cable pp. 22-22.
  • Do Avatars Have a Right to Privacy? pp. 23-25.
    Nicola McKILLIGAN.
  • Internet Gambling Rules Would Enlist Financial Institutions to Fight Uphill Battle pp. 26-31.
    Amy C. RUDNICK.
  • Anthony MAHAJAN.


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